Name: Joppe Cramwinckel, M.Sc.
Position: Water Partner
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Mr. Joppe Cramwinckel, Water Partner with the Water Partner Foundation, is a renowned international senior water professional. Previously Environmental and HSE Manager at Royal Dutch Shell, he operates today as strategic advisor for several major organizations for the development of business solutions to Sustainable Water Management challenges, such as for the Brazilian Business Council Sustainable Development and the Business Council for Sustainable Development of Singapore. Mr. Cramwinckel strongly advocates the use of natural based solutions. He uses among others his professional link to the Earth Genome, a California based company aiming to provide an ecosystem of integrated technical and digital resources to improve decision making.

Mr. Cramwinckel works with UNEP in their Oil for Development programme, co-developing a basic foundation course successful piloted in Uganda and Lebanon. Previously member of the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Water at AGWA, he actively supports this network of people who believe in and work to advance the role of water in the climate adaptation and mitigation policy and technical discussions. Furthermore Mr. Cramwinckel joined the Nanyang Technical University of Singapore NTU in August 2017 as visiting professor at the School of Social Sciences (Economics Department) and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on environmental economics. With five NTU graduates and entrepreneurs he recently set up a Social Enterprise (Safe Water Gardens) in Singapore.

Mr. Cramwinckel is also member of the Water Network , a Japanese initiative established during the 3rd World Water Forum in March 2003 to bring together decentralized solutions for treatment of households management and financial expertise for the initiation, and for the implementation and support of key sustainable water management programs around the world.

The detailed resume of Mr. Joppe Cramwinckel can be seen here