Name: Joop de Schutter
Position: Water Partner
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Joop de Schutter has been manager of the international consultancy Resource Analysis and former business director of the UNESCO-IHE International Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands.

Joop de Schutter is a senior consultant in the field of policy analysis for integrated water resources management and integrated environmental management with extended international experience in implementation of projects in the water and environment sector. His professional interests and experience are in natural resources planning and rural development, integrated water resources management, integrated coastal zone management, strategic environmental impact assessment and sustainable development planning. He has extended experience in institutional development and capacity development evidenced by his leadership provided to consultancy companies and international institutions.

In the past 25 years Mr. de Schutter has worked on important assignments in the Aral Sea Basin in Central Asia and some other river basins. In recent years he has been involved in projects linked to the introduction of new concepts and tools for integrated river basin management and transboundary water allocation leading to his participation in the work of the Water Diplomacy Consortium started in 2013. Since 2012 he is a key advisor to the Dutch Water and International Development Cooperation (Water OS) program with a focus on Bénin in West Africa. Mr. de Schutter has worked on long term assignments abroad in Indonesia and Cameroon.