Job Kleijn MSc
Position: Water Partner
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Job Kleijn is a water partner of the Water Partner Foundation. He is a former diplomat in water affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and First Secretary of the Netherlands Embassy in Sana’a Yemen.

Mr. Kleijn coordinated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs water affairs in MENA region (planning, reporting, including nexus water-agriculture), representative for water agriculture for European Commission in The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 2015, and initiated and developed with FAO the open source tool to manage wide scarcity. He has been responsible at the Netherlands Embassy in Sana’a for the private sector, environmental and water agriculture affairs and chaired the international water donor group. He managed the international operations in the Netherlands of an UK based consultancy firm and was a member of the international board of ONRI (NL engineers). He started his career as consultant in water engineering in Kenya, Sudan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka the Netherlands. Wide range of activities for EU (Eastern Europe accession), Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Netherlands, FMO and water boards. Job Kleijn holds a BSc and Masters in resp. civil engineering in The Hague and Institutional Development University Manchester. Post graduates in water development University Delft.