Name: Jeroen Kool M.Sc.
Position: Water Partner
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Jeroen Kool is a strategic advisor for governments, public authorities, international financiers and the private sector with 35 years of experience in water and environmental management, spatial planning, climate change and the energy transition. He worked in the Netherlands and over 30 countries around the world, often for international financiers, such as  the EIB, EVD, UNIDO, EBRD, World Bank, FAO and the UNDP.

Since April 2020 he supports the environmental authority DCMR in issues related to environmental and spatial regulations for  industries and municipalities in the provinces of South-Holland and Zeeland, including the international Port of Rotterdam. His work relates to private industrial development initiatives, including biofuels, hydrogen projects, industrial production and storage projects, as well as municipal infrastructure and spatial plans.

Mr. Kool published and presented various papers on international conferences, such as in Jakarta, Geneva, Jerusalem, Amman, Kyoto, Damascus, Montreal, Amsterdam and The Hague. Mr. Kool is board member at the Water Partner Foundation since 2008 and holds a M.Sc degree Geophysics and Hydrogeology at the University of Utrecht.

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