Suriname Integrated Waste Planning

The Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment (Ministerie van Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieu - MinROM) has initiated the development of an Integrated Waste Management (IWMP) for Suriname. This plan shall identify the main challenges of the waste sector and will elaborate a clear set of actions and investments for further improvements. Ilaco NV and the Water Partner Foundation have been assigned in 2022 by MinROM to develop this integrated plan.

It will be developed by an international team of experts, including Sjef IJzermans as governance expert and Jeroen Kool as overall team leader. This plan will follow the 5 R’s principle, including maximized reduction, reuse and recycling of the generated waste streams on the basis of intensive stakeholder involvement and active participation of all districts in Suriname.

For more information, contact: Jeroen Kool.