WP supports MBA Thesis on PPP in the water sector

Water Partner supported Mr. Maurice Derks in the preparation of his MBA Thesis on Public – Private partnerships in Water Governance at the Business University of Nyenrode (December 2008). Mr. Derks investigated various public – private partnerships of major water supply operations in Jordan, Ghana and South-Africa.
His scientific research focused on determinants for effective performance monitoring systems in PPP-water supply projects from public governance perspectives.

Mr. Derks concludes that PPP constructions can be effective when it provides transparency.

accountability, sufficient oversight and management information to - feed – the performance monitoring systems. Mr. Derks also concludes that reward systems for staff of local water supply companies should provide sufficient incentives for good performance.

Mr. Derks states that: “…if the incentives in rewards systems are perverse, distortion will lead to ineffectiveness and a poor performance…”

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