Participative Planning for Climate Adaptation in Long An Province, Vietnam
Water Partner Foundation is leading partner of an international consortium responsible for the development of Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Long An Province, located in the Vam Co River Basin in Vietnam.

Its key objective is to demonstrate a participative planning process for the development of an integrated and community-based risk management and climate change adaptation strategy for dealing with the impacts of climate change, in particular sea water intrusion and floods in the downstream part of the Vam Co River basin.

The project focuses on:

  • Assessment of present and future climatic impacts in the local context , leading towards an assessment of associated risks and vulnerabilities in the pilot area;
  • Evaluation of impact of different adaptation measures on potential flood and saltwater damages and risks;
  • engaging in participative planning processes by involving local actorsto ensure that their priorities and the challenges they face in reducing climate risks are effectively addressed (local experiences are the key to developing a tailor-made adaptation strategy);
  • Demonstrating participative planning process for climate change adaptation in the water sector, and by doing so, to effectively anticipate on the impacts of climate change in the downstream part of the Vam Co river basin. The resulting strategy aims to introduce new and improve current coping mechanisms of disaster risk reduction and enhancement of adaptive capacity of the vulnerable communities, particularly of the poor farmer, fishers, marginal groups and women.