DCMR is the largest environmental authority in the Netherlands, operating in Rotterdam, including the international Port of Rotterdam, and the provinces of South-Holland and Zeeland and employs more than 550 people. DCMR is responsible for regulation, advice and the environment: preparing permits for companies, giving advice on air quality, soil, noise and safety and environmental aspects in spatial plans; for supervision and enforcement; and in carrying out risk-based inspections of the 26,000 companies in the Rhine delta region. See also DCMR

Since April 2020, Jeroen Kool – Water Partner – is supporting DCMR as senior advisor in handling and management of environmental & spatial licenses and giving advice to industries and municipalities in the provinces of South-Holland and Zeeland and the international Port of Rotterdam. Applications relate to private industrial development initiatives, including biofuels, hydrogen projects, industrial production and storage projects, as well as municipal infrastructure and spatial plans.

For more information, contact: Jeroen Kool.