Jaffna for Water Project

Water Partner Foundation has been assigned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO to implement the River for Jaffna project on Sri Lanka. Sjef IJzermans, Water Partner, will act as Team Leader for this assignment, which will provide the Sri Lankan Government with tools and justifications to start implementing environmentally sustainable solutions for the water scarcity problems in the northern island and Province of Jaffna. People here depend on groundwater as the sole reliable source of fresh water. However, these groundwater resources are depleting rapidly as result of over-pumping and seawater intrusion.

The Sri Lanka Government already considered diverting part of the fresh water from the Elephant Pass Lagoon on the Main Island towards the brackish lagoons of Vadamaradchi and Upparu on Jaffna, and converting these into freshwater lagoons as well. These lagoon could next be used to augment fresh water supply to the people on Jaffna. Detailed engineering designs and construction specifications for the River for Jaffna Project were already developed. Recently, the Sri Lanka Government requested the Netherlands Government to support them in validating the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects of the project and justifying the approach foreseen. These support services are now being provided under the current Jaffna for Water Project.

For more information, please contact: Sjef IJzermans