Dr. Patrick Huntjens was involved as author and consultant for a World Bank report on Groundwater Governance with the following title:
Managing the Invisible: Understanding and Improving Groundwater Governance (World Bank, 2012)

This report forms part of the GEF-funded project on “Groundwater Governance: A Global Framework for Country Action” under the International Waters focal area, and includes partners from the FAO, GEF-IW, IAH, UNESCO-IHP and the Bank. The project includes a broad review of issues, challenges and lessons drawing from national and transboundary case studies. This report is one of twelve thematic papers and has a specific focus on the political economy of groundwater governance.

The aim of this study is to analyze the impediments to better groundwater governance within a given political economy and propose recommendations to address key governance issues. Put simply, the report tries to answer the questions:

  • Why has groundwater governance failed to stop the emergence of very serious threats to the resource?
  • What are the impediments to improving groundwater governance?
  • What are the options to overcome those impediments?

Implicit in the report approach is recognition of the importance of groundwater resources in promoting developing country adaptation to predicted climate changes.

Overarching objectives also include addressing the general invisibility problem related to groundwater, as well as strengthening the ability of Bank teams to undertake political economy and governance analyses related to groundwater (and thereby enhance the effectiveness of Bank operations in the water sector).

Download the report via the following link (pdf, 2,61Mb) .