Palau Sustainable Water Supply
Due to the climate change the Pacific islands of Palau are subject to increased intensities of both rainfall and drought periods. After a severe drought period Palau requested for international assistance to improve it's water supply situation, including for the hotels and tourism sector, which represents important sources of income.

In August 2016 the Netherlands Government offered Palau the services of a Dutch Risk Reduction (DRR) Team to assess the current surface and groundwater resources in relation to the impacts of climate change, and to formulate recommendations for a continued and reliable water supply system. Water Partner Sjef IJzermans was assigned by the Netherlands Government to head this mission.

The mission report presented an assessment of the water resources, including impacts as result of the recent droughts and related seawater intrusion into the islands' aquifers, and proposed a series of recommendations on how to improve water resources management and the water supply systems accordingly. This advice included recommendations for international fund allocation and partnerships.

For more information, please contact: Sjef IJzermans