WP develops Water Governance Fact Sheets for Vietnam

Today about 1.1 Billion people have no access to clean drinking water. There is a growing conscience that this problem not only relates to finding technical and financial solutions, but also to good and efficient local and national government structures.

In other words: Water Governance can be improved drastically. Against this background the Business University of Nyenrode in co-operation with the Water Partner Foundation initiated a scientific study to the efficiency of Water Governance in a series of countries, starting with Vietnam (September and October 2009).The objective of the study is to describe and monitor the efficiency of Water Governance throughout a number of years. These Water Governance Cards will assist to improve the efficiency of their water governance practices, and will enable to monitor the impact of investments in terms of water governance. The Water Governance Cards for Vietnam have been developed on the basis of evaluation criteria that enable a quantitative and qualitative description of important aspects of good governance.The overall result of this study will be a description of the Water Card Methodology, and an elaboration of this methodology for the pilot cases. The results will be reported and distributed among various partner countries, and will provide information about the usefulness and efficiency of the Water Cards Methodology for the various Water Partner Countries of the Netherlands, including Bangladesh, Benin, Egypt, Indonesia, Mozambique, Yemen and Vietnam.